SLadyEye Euramerican Star Pure Grey-Green Colored Contact Lenses
SLadyEye Euramerican Star Pure Grey-Green Colored Contact Lenses

SLadyEye Euramerican Star Pure Grey-Green Colored Contact Lenses

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Only applicable to light eyes!

Do you have trouble finding the perfect colored contacts? Maybe you should try Euramerican Grey-Green contacts.

Depending on a complete imitation of human's real eyes, the euramerican Grey-Green lenses can cover and enlarge your eyes naturally, giving you perfect hybrid effect, fashion and realistic style. More ethereal than grey, more natural than blue, Euramerican Grey-Green color contacts are your smart choices.

6 Benefits of Wearing Euramerican Star Pure Grey-Green Colored Contacts

1. Real Euramerican Effect

How could you make a gorgeous euramerican appearance without vivid eyes? We investigated hundreds of different real eye colors of people from Europe and America Continent and made these super realistic Euramerican Colored Contacts Lenses. With these contacts on, you’ll feel like they’re your own eyes that you were born with them.

2. Advanced Sandwich Painting Tech

This color-embedding process divides contact lenses into 3 layers, which effectively prevent pigment layer from touching your cornea directly, ensure your eyes’ healthy and safety.

3.Smooth Edge Design

Super soft and smooth colored contacts edge design offers you a fresh feeling without any foreign body sensation.

4. Non-ionic Raw Material

High-quality materials effectively against protein stains, making lenses soft and comfortable to wear.

5. Maintain Moisture

These contact lenses allow a significant amount of oxygen through the lenses, which helps to maintain a high level of moisture in the eye.

6. Yearly Disposable

The high standard allows our lenses durability of up to 12 months with the comfort comparable to daily disposable contact lenses.

Wearing Instruction

Before the first time wearing, please soak the lenses in multi-purpose contact lens solution for at least 8 hours.